Which one is better – Garnier BB cream or Ponds BB Cream

This morning I again got a reminder from Indiblogger to write a review about the new Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. Yes, I had ordered for a sample. Not because I want to meet brand ambassador Deepika Padukone (Grand prize) or want electronic goodies like Moto G phone or Apple Ipod nano but because I really wanted to put it against my current favourite Ponds White Beauty BB cream.

Ponds BB Cream, Garnier BB Cream, Best BB cream India

Garnier BB cream claims that it brightens, smoothens and moisturizes your skin. Garnier BB cream is an all in one daily moisturiser that instantly beautifies your skin and spreads evenly for a flawless finish. Its light-weight and comfortable texture blends perfectly into the skin. It also has Vitamin C derivative which has antioxidant properties and Almond extract to give perfect moisturization. It has SPF 24 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Sounds really like a deal. Priced at Rs 199 for a 40g tube.

Ponds White Beauty All in One BB Cream claims to have sophisticated skin lightening GenWhite Cover Formula and SPF 30 PA++ advanced sunscreen protection. Clinically proven to lighten skin tone and reduce dark spots, GenWhite Formula is enriched with a powerful mix of Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Allantoin which improves the skin. It also helps to lighten the skin. Though, I personally do not like the fact that they are propagating that lighter skin is beautiful. It is priced at Rs. 299 for a 50g tube.

Ponds BB Cream, Garnier Skin perfector BB cream, best bb cream India

So we see that both the creams are powerful concoctions of vitamins and minerals which are going to improve our skin condition and also provide instant glow. So how do we know which is the best product for us?

I decided to do a swatch test and a product comparison for you all.


If you see, both the creams are beige in color. They both come in single shade which is ideal for Indian skin tone. Though Ponds BB cream is more towards natural skin colour than Garnier BB cream.

Ponds White Beauty All in One BB cream, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, Ponds bb cream vs Garnier BB cream

The consistency of Garnier BB cream is watery, runny whereas Ponds BB cream has a creamy, cohesive texture. Ponds has a better staying power than Garnier and gives better coverage on the skin hiding minor blemishes, brown spots and fine lines. Though, Garnier BB cream felt much moisturizing as it was quickly absorbed into the skin.

Ponds BB Cream, Garnier BB Cream, Ponds White Beauty All in One BB Cream, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Ponds BB Cream gives a natural looking coverage whereas Garnier BB cream gives sheer coverage. Look at the swatches carefully.

Ponds White Beauty All In One Bb Fairness Cream, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, Best BB cream in India

Under eye, dark circle coverage test

Ponds BB cream gives much better coverage for dark circles than Garnier BB cream. Have applied no other makeup to the eyes for a clear result.

So what did I conclude?

It is rather difficult to comment on the  skin condition or changes in the skin texture over a period of time as I haven’t used Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector for very long. But if they have used Almond extracts which has excellent moisturizing properties and Vitamin C derivatives which revitalises the skin then in the long run Garnier BB Cream should make the skin better. Having said that Ponds White Beauty also infuses Vitamin E, B3 and Allantoin which has skin conditioning properties. Therefore, both the BB creams will help your skin to regenerate.

Garnier BB Cream has SPF 24 whereas Ponds BB Cream has SPF 30 ++ which isn’t much different.

Price of Garnier BB Cream for 40g tube is Rs 199 and price of Ponds BB cream for 50g tube is Rs 299. Again not much of a difference. Ponds is compensating with more quantity for a higher price.

Coverage for Garnier BB cream is less than Ponds BB Cream. Garnier BB cream acts more like a tinted moisturizer. It is ideal for those who have near about flawless skin and do not need much coverage. Ponds BB Cream isn’t cakey but is smooth and fairly easy to apply. So is Garnier BB cream.

Do these BB creams help to skip the regular foundation and concealer regimen? Ponds BB cream is definitely a better option if you want to skip foundation and concealer especially for day time makeup. Garnier BB Cream is good if you just want a sheer coverage and moisturizing.

Hope this is helpful? Do leave a comment below.

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