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Keto, Vegan, Low Carb, these are not just diet fads. For many its a lifestyle choice due to various reasons. But following these dietary restrictions is not easy given that most of the regular restaurants or bakers choose to cater to the masses. So in this scenario, either you are left to fend for yourself by cooking the carb and gluten free meals or baking your own bread. And let’s be honest, not everyone has the time to cook and bake from the scratch. Even if a person is ready to cook, baking is a whole different ball game. So for those who would love to order Keto desserts in Mumbai or vegan, gluten free desserts, you can try Bombay Bizare Baker.

Recently, I was sent their samplers of the Baked Cheesecake, Choc Almond Cake and Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Muffins. As many of you are aware, I have been following Keto diet on and off and have seriously missed having desserts. So when Bombay Bizare Baker offered me to sample their desserts, I was more than happy. I received the parcel few evenings back and since then have been gorging on these beauties, but of course within my macros.

Let me start with the Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Muffins. These fluffy soft muffins had a tough and gooey base of dark chocolate chunks when warmed 30 seconds in the microwave. The unsweetened variety might taste a bit off for people who are used to sweet bread of a muffin but given that the sweet chocolate chunks balance out the nutty flavor, I was fairly impressed with the tiny unsweetened muffin bites. Only at 92 calories and 0.3 gram carbs, I think it is a perfect snack for people who are trying to lose weight. A cup of coffee goes very well with these treats. These are priced at Rs 750 for 6 pieces.

Keto dessert, Mumbai, order keto dessert in Mumbai

The next in line was the Baked Cheesecake. 3 large portions are priced at Rs 750 as well. The solid base of the almond meal which is slightly sweet; below a chunk of baked cheese slab makes it a heavy meal. At 334 calories per serving, it has 5 grams carb, 32 grams fat and 9 gram of protein. The base was disintegrating while I tried to lift it out of the packaging, so I believe the baker needs to put some more binding ingredient to the almond flour meal. Otherwise, it was purely divine. Ideal for those who love to eat baked cheese cake minus the sugar.

keto dessert, keto dessert in Mumbai

And last but not the least, Choc Almond Cake which is every dieter’s dream. It was soft, sweet and loaded with the goodness of chocolate. A one fourth of a 450 gram chocolate cake featured here has 10 gram protein, 4.5 gram carbs and has 272 calories. Priced at Rs 750 for a 450 gram cake piece, this is definitely a sweet treat for chocoholics like me.

keto dessert, keto dessert in Mumbai

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order now. Their Keto menu includes:

  • Baked cheesecake approx 3 large portions – Rs 750
  • Chocolate almond cake Rs 750 approx 450 g
  • Chocolate mousse Rs 700 
  • Chocolate coconut balls Rs 750 for 6 
  • Almond muffins Rs 750 for 6 
  • Bread Rs 700 for 2 sliced loaves

Complimentary delivery in Bandra West, other areas as per 3rd party delivery cost. For more information you can visit their page here.

Healthy eating is the only way to progress towards your fitness goals. Be mindful of what you put in your mouth.

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