Pizza Metro Pizza participating in All Things Nice Wine Week between 22-28 Feb

Mumbaigloss was invited by FBAI to attend a media preview for the upcoming Wine Week in Mumbai. All Things Nice in association with Hafele India bring Wine Week between 22-28 February where almost 30 restaurants across Mumbai and Thane are participating. It is a perfect event for the wine and food lovers and I am a big aficionado of red wine and the bubblies. I was absolutely thrilled.

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Crimson colour of the wine

So, what is exactly a wine week? During a wine week, you pay 30% less for your favorite food oand wine. There are almost a 1000 varieties of wine available in India from both Indian and international brands but how many do we ever get to taste. This wine week will let you enjoy the best of wines from across the world at a discounted price. The set menu at each restaurant will allow you to relish the best food that they have to offer.

Buffalo cheese, Pizza Metro Man

Buffalo Mozarella cheese

I reached Pizza Metro Pizza at Khar West and met fellow bloggers and media fraternity from the food & beverages industry who were eager to taste the various wines on offer that evening. I just fell in love with the pink scooter at display. The décor is retro with walls adorned with European countryside paintings. The tiles of the floor are checkered and the live wood oven where the pizza is baked is something which quickly caught my fancy. I loved the old world charm of Pizza Metro Pizza. When I saw it from outside, it looked like an average place, but once inside, it is decently big. It can easily accommodate around 40 guests at one go. The restaurant manager is Italian or to be precise from Caprese. He is one energetic soul, running around the entire place and greeting women guests with a peck on their hands. (This just transported my wandering mind to some small lane in Italy, a roadside cafe serving little macarons and tea.)

Pizza Metro Pizza Khar, pink scooter, retro scooter, old scooter

Pink scooter at Pizza Metro Pizza Khar

On arrival, we were greeted with a Chandon Brut NV Nasik India sparkling wine in a tulip glass. The sparkling white wine was fruity, zingy and fizzy. It was a perfect start. We were quickly seated after all the invitees arrived for the dinner. Host Nikhil Agarwal kept us informed about the wines for the evening and how it can be paired with the right kind of food. 

Pizza metro pizza Mumbai review

Oils, risotto, cheese balls and seafood pasta

We started our evening with Mozarella di Bufala Alia Caprese (a mild starter with chewy Mozarella cheese made with buffalo milk and served with tomatoes, olives, basil and olive oil.) It was accompanied by a tangy sauce. I loved the fresh taste as not much spices were used and the herbs and olive oil flavored the cheese. If you like your food spicy, then avoid it but if you want to eat something healthy and fresh then this should be for you. It was served with a white wine called Le Mire Toscana IGT Bianco Italy. It had a smokey undertone but was bland for the Indian palate. Those who love their wines on the milder side, less sweet variety should go for this. We were also served Palie Di Riso (Crispy fried rice balls with mozzarella, salame, parmesan and basil.) In short, those were cheese balls and I just tried one as I didn’t find it anything exclusive. Moreover, I wanted to save my appetite for the delicacies which were lined up for the evening.

Next, the most awaited ‘Metre long pizza’ was served. It is Pizza Metro Pizza’s signature dish and their UK joints have people coming from every corner to try the unique wood fried pizza. Pizzas Portobello, Silvio and Murgante were served.  Portobello was made with fresh mushrooms, truffle oil, wild rocket (zingy mustard leaves) and Grana Padano. And this turned out to be my favorite pizza for the evening. Being a non-vegetarian I am pretty biased about non-veg dishes but this time a veg pizza won my heart. Murgante had bacon and Silvio had chicken and olives, yet the earthiness of mushroom and the crisp green mustard leaves left a distinct taste which is incomparable. The thin crust had become soggy with molten cheese, truffle/olive oil, etc. and many fellow bloggers complained that it didn’t feel like a pizza at all. But I felt that the fresh items were added in plenty as toppings which overpowered the base. But who is complaining if one gets good dose of delicious cheese and veges. It was served with a very earthy red wine on the sweeter side called Revelio Sangiovese Nasik, India. I am not a big fan of very sweet wines but I must tell you that it went well with the charred taste of the wood fried pizzas. The base gets charred as it is directly placed inside the wood oven.

Metre long pizza, Pizza Metro Pizza

Metre long pizza

After the pizzas came pasta and risotto. Flat noodle like pasta made in red sauce with prawns, clams, squid, garlic, cherry tomatoes and parsley called Scialatielli Pesciosa was served first. It would have been great as a single dish but after the pizza, it didn’t excite us much. Though, it looked great.  Risotto ai Fungi (made with wild mushroom, parmesan, truffle and olive oil) became an instant hit at the table. It felt like a comfort food. It was cheesy and warm with bits of mushroom here and there. I will go for this on a cold night when I need to feel nourished and cared. We were served another rocking red wine along with these dishes called Le Bonheur Estate Prima, Stellenbosh. This South African red wine won a lot of appreciation that evening. It was earthy, yet not too sweet. It had the right amount of balance, a hint of spice and it just won us over for the evening. I will love to have it again.

wine sommelier Nikhil Agarwal, Parimita Chakravorty

Parimita Chakravorty with wine sommelier Nikhil Agarwal from All Things NIce

With the famous Tiramisu of Pizza Metro Pizza, we ended our marathon dinner. The dessert was soft, mushy, soaked in coffee syrup. Extremely delicious! Beringer Sparkling Zinfandel Rose NV Nappa Valley USA was served along with the dessert. The wine was extremely delicious. It was a dessert in itself. It had a hint of spices and was on the sweeter side. The fizz made it even more interesting. This wine is undoubtedly for the girls.

Tiramisu, Pizza Metro Pizza

I loved my visit to Pizza Metro Pizza and would go for their Metre Pizza and wine selection again. If you are a true wine connoisseur then you should not miss this wine week. To book a table, you can visit here.

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