Power Women Fiesta at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla – review

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla

Power Women Fiesta is being celebrated in Phoenix Market City, Kurla during entire September month. Celebs like Mallaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak, Raveena Tandon, Sandeep Soparkar, and others were seen supporting this event. (Marketed on social media as #PWF, #PowerWomenFiesta, #ForMyLadies, etc.) Under this scheme you have to be a woman with either a gold credit card, a driver’s license or in short someone who can spend money and you will be issued a booklet full of offers for free. This has been organized in association with The Country Club, where a grand winner will win a trip to Dubai for 4 or can win other national holidays. Mind it, you need to pay a fee to book holidays even after you win. Your win includes only stay (no food, no transport, etc.) So somebody who can afford to pay for other stuff can only be chosen a winner.

So what are these benefits? Free drinks, pizza, donuts, 30 minutes free at psp gaming area, free bowling, movie ticket, free haircut, buy one get one free schemes and discount coupons on minimum purchase by apparel brands. There are a few counters around the mall who are issuing these ‘Power Women Fiesta coupon’ booklets and an identity card after taking down contact details like phone number, email address, etc. and a picture. How often have you said no to the random guy asking for your number in a food-hall for a lucky draw? Maybe every time! But under this scheme we “Power Women” are biting the bait and voluntarily giving out information that we wouldn’t have otherwise, in the hope of some freebies. This is a very clever marketing technique for the participating brands as well as Phoenix Marketcity Kurla mall to pull the crowds on weekdays as well. I have been to the deserted mall on a weekday where the open spaces might as well be converted to badminton courts.

The entire booklet seems like a lucrative offer but few coupons are nothing more than a piece of paper. The brands are not ready to entertain what is being committed on those coupons. For example, Funzone PSP Gaming Area would always say, “Sorry we are booked for today, you need to call in advance to get your slot.” It was not me, but every woman who walked in with the coupon. Though, when I pointed out that the seats were empty in the gaming area (can be seen through the glass wall) then they said that those clients are on their way and would reach the venue soon. I went and checked from a distance. No one arrived for the next half an hour. Therefore, I called them back for an appointment the next day and they said all the slots were booked for the week. I went back again to check and they gave me same answer though the seats were empty. So, they have decided to get publicity by putting their name in the booklet but they are not entertaining those coupons.

Same goes for Flight Fantasy who are promising to provide 10 Minute experience of flying a fighter jet but in reality aren’t booking any slots and are stating that they are booked for the entire month. Though I couldn’t see many people going into the shop.

The Rain Forest promised one free fire shot. But no where did they mention on the coupon ‘after buying a starter’. Yes of course, “Terms & Conditions apply” was mentioned in a small font. That covers everything I believe. Though, I didn’t regret ordering the forced starter which was a tomato based pasta soup with a bread stick. It was tasty.

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla, The Rainforest, Phoenix Market City kurla

Flame shot at The Rainforest Phoenix Market City Kurla

I also went to use my Rs. 1000 off coupon at French Connection. Till 22nd of this month, they were selling old stock on discounted price and the coupon was valid only for the new stock. So that makes the coupon simply a waste. Avirate coupon was a waste too as they were already offering flat 30% discount on their merchandise. And the coupon was valid on full price. So that rendered it useless. Mad Over Donuts was very unhappy that I didn’t give into any of their cross-sales pitch. I didn’t order any other stuff. Just exchanged my coupon with their Classic Double Chocolate Donut. Therefore they decided to boil my donut in a microwave and give it to me in ‘as soggy as it can get state’…ate a few bites and then threw it away. Unbearable!

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla, Mad About Donuts Phoenix Market City Kurla

Soggy donut at M.A.D

I also ordered for a pan pizza from Pizza Hut. It was a takeaway and the pizza had no cheese or tomato but all bread. Halfway through, it was shown the dustbin. Bombay Blue promised a free pizza too. Unfortunately, they used stale veggies as toppings on their pizza. Free doesn’t mean you feed garbage to your guests, moreover when they are ordering drinks and paying for that. So there are few brands who are participating in Power Women Fiesta only to get some eyeballs. Such a shame!

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla, Bombay Blue Phoenix Market City Kurla

Look at stale vegetables as toppings

Ok, so what did I really get with these coupons which were really worth my time and efforts? So much for being a ‘Power Woman’! Amoeba the sports bar really made my time worthwhile. They provided a free beer without trying to sell anything else along with it and also made one bowling game available to me without any other commitments. I just spent Rs. 20 to buy socks which is compulsory with bowling shoes. (Provided by them.)

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla, Amoeba Phoenix Market City Kurla

PVR Gold Class ticket was also provided to me without any other commitment. Only catch being it was valid for shows before noon. After a very long time I watched an early morning movie show. The Gold Class has recliner seats and it was a very comfortable experience. I bought some breakfast there.

Power Women Fiesta Phoenix Market City Kurla, PVR Gold Class, Reclining seats in movie hall, Phoenix Market City Kurla PVR

I also got a free haircut from Enrich Salons and complimentary membership. Though, paid for my hair wash. I would say that I was one of the lucky few. The guy at the counter was pretty upset. He was sending back many coupon holders. He said, “The mall has issued 5000 coupons and we have only 800 slots in the entire month for haircut/pedicure/manicure. How am I supposed to accommodate so many requests?” So basically, many women were not able to get any services but just free membership from Enrich. One lady was so furious that she squealed, “Membership ka kya achar daloon?” I know how it feels when a pedicure is denied to a woman. And that too a power woman.

I also got my feet massaged at Suko Thai. I got Rs. 500 discount on the orginal price (Rs. 1650) but those 60 minutes were absolutely distressing and worth the money. I also used buy one get one coupons at Funzone Bumper Car where I got two rides for the price of one (got nostalgic about Appu Ghar and my childhood) and Aromas Café where I got two cappuccinos for the price of one. I also ordered other stuff to eat at the café like cupcakes, tea and sandwiches etc.

If you realize, I spent much more than what I would really have. The Power Women Fiesta is a good example of how to market a mall and the brands within; and make good money out of women folk who easily fall for the free schemes. Have you ever heard about Power Man Fiesta? There you go; you never will!

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