Priya Tanna, Payal Singhal, Shanoo Bijlani & others shortlist 40 designs for Artisan Award by GJEPC

The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC) hosted the first round of screening for the Artisan Awards 2014 – theme running into different eras of Indian cinema on 22nd August. The eminent jury panel comprising Vogue editor Priya Tanna, fashion designer Payal Singhal, Senior Design Head NID Shimul Vyas Mehta, Solitaire International editor Shanoo Bijlani and architect Ashiesh Shah selected a total of 40 sketches from 800 design entries.

Judges Artisan Award, Priya Tanna, Payal Singhal, Shimul Vyas Mehta, Shanoo Bijlani, Ashiesh Shah, GJEPC

L-R: Shanoo Bijlani, Payal Singhal, Shimul Vyas Mehta, Ashiesh Shah and Priya Tanna, judges for Artisan Award

Sanjiv Banerjee, Mamta Rajaram, Sushil Solanki and Subhankar Bhowmick qualified for the Colourama category, Pratha Pravin Chavan, Sanafiya Hakim, Kosha Shah, Meghna Bag, Sanju Das, Natasha Adnani were selected for the golden glory, Arunava Chakraborty made it to the Monochromatic category, Shrutika Patankar, Zohara Moorthy, Mehul Gupta, Arunava Chakraborty and Megha Lodha were chosen for Avant Garde. The categories Avant-Garde and Colourama witnessed the most entries. A total of 18 designs have made it to the next level from Maharashtra alone.

The judges were awestruck by the design entries. Though they all come from various backgrounds but have design as the common element in their work profiles. They loved the uniqueness of a few entries – like one of the jewellery designers used braille element into the design while creating a piece inspired by the movie ‘Black’. The judges found that the designs had a very modern appeal irrespective of the era of Indian Cinema it belonged too. The designs were judged on the basis of the parameters described by GJEPC.

Artisan Award 2014, judges discussing the entries

Judges discussing the designs while shortlisting entries for Artisan Awards

A few of the judges spoke to Mumbaigloss about the Artisan Award and jewellery industry in general. Here is what they had to say: 

MG: Hi Priya, do you think jewellery gets enough coverage in the popular magazines like Vogue, especially the costume jewellery? Are these promoted in the regular media enough or such Award ceremonies are required on regular basis?

Priya Tanna (Vogue India Editor): Vogue dedicates at least 3 pages in every issue to showcase jewellery in the market. It doesn’t matter if its costume jewellery or fine jewellery, as long as it is unique and creates a fashion statement, it is given due coverage in the magazine. In fact, the concept of acquiring heirloom jewellery has seen a sea-change, especially with the new generation which purchases jewellery to create a style statement. They want more affordable jewellery which can be worn on several occasions. Vogue tries to promote jewellery designers by showcasing their designs in every issue.

Shanoo Bijlani (Solitaire International Editor) added: Magazines like Solitaire International and Adorn try to promote the best talent in the market. It doesn’t matter what is the value or origin of the jewellery as long as it is unique and beautiful.

MG: Thankyou Shanoo and Priya. But when do you think jewellery industry will reach the heights of fashion industry?

Payal Singhal (Fashion Designer): Do not compare between the two industries. Fashion industry started spreading its roots 10 years ago, while jewellery industry has started coming into its own in the last couple of years. Both of these industries have their own strengths and weaknesses. More investment is required for a jewellery designer to start a business than a fashion designer. Therefore, you will see less talent being promoted in the jewellery industry. But with jewellery week coming into picture, GJEPC is trying to narrow down the gap between the established and the new talent. With Artisan Award, it has added another avenue for showcasing new talent.

MG: Thankyou Payal for your inputs as you would know fashion industry better than any of us being an eminent fashion designer. How do you feel being associated with the Artisan Award?

Payal Singhal: Design is the core of creativity. It’s really stunning to see some of the breath-taking designs interestingly decoded on paper. I am extremely happy to be associated with the Artisan Awards and feel this is an incredible platform by GJEPC for promising designers to showcase their talent.

MG: Hi Ashiesh, you are an architect and an interior designer. How comfortable were you shortlisting jewellery designs?

Ashiesh Shah (Architect): Visual appeal, over creativity and wearable aspects are what I considered while selecting the pieces. What I have seen today has had totally awestruck me. The participants have very innovatively brought in movie allusions through their designs. And it wasn’t difficult to shortlist some amazing designs.

MG: Thankyou Ashiesh.

I am so glad that GJEPC is taking steps to promote new talent through such initiatives like Artisan Award. Eagerly waiting for this one. Are you jewellery designers?

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