Meera Chopra: Priyanka Chopra gives me unconditional support as sister

Gang of Ghosts, trailer was released last month. It is eerily funny and is based on a Bengali movie ‘Bhuter Bhavishyat’ (Future of Ghosts) which was a big hit in Kollywood. And in that a new face has drawn a lot of attention; which is of Meera Chopra, cousin of Priyanka Chopra. She has debuted in Bollwood with Gang of Ghosts but is a popular face down south. People know her as Nila there. Mumbaigloss decided to speak to her on her début where she will be playing a Ghost. A what??? Yes, a ghost. A pretty face like her would be enacting dead who are funny. Incidentally, the shooting was done in a real-life haunted haveli. Talk about getting into the character! Let’s know more about her and her character in this brief interview.

Meera Chopra

Meera Chopra the Gang of Ghost girl

MG: We saw trailers of Gang of Ghosts and you are looking stunning in the promos. Can you talk a bit more about your role and how did you bag this role?

Meera: I play a ghost in this movie, youngest ghost though. We all live like normal people and we have nothing ghostly about us. We all are portraying being ghosts in a funny way. Satishji called me to his office few months back, narrated me the script and asked me to do this role, but I couldn’t say yes at that time because my dates were clashing with 1920 London. But fortunately 1920 got a little delayed and I called up Satishji and told him that I’ll do it.

MG: You are doing good in the south. Why did you decide to switch to Bollywood?

Meera: It’s a very normal transition for every north Indian girl who is working in south to do Bollywood movies. And I am very happy to be working in my language with my people.


MG: You have done Mass Communication, worked in a media house in the past and also dabbled into fashion business. How did you realise that you wanted to become an actor?

Meera: It’s a cliché but then it’s true that I never thought or wanted to be an actor. I was working in NDTV when I started getting offers for modelling. I dabbled modelling for a couple of months along with my job, when I suddenly got a movie offer from south which was a huge project and I took it. But then I realised how much I love to be in front of the camera. I enjoy acting and would want to do it till I can.

MG: Recently, you walked the ramp in Bengal Fashion Week. How much is fashion important to you? Who are your favourite designers.

Meera: Fashion is a very integral part of my personality. I am extremely fashion conscious and it’s my dream to open my fashion house in New York some day. I love Rocky S, Masaba, Nishika Lulla from India, and internationally my favourites are Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Kate Spade and many others.

Meera Chopra Priyanka Chopra cousin

Meera Chopra in Bengal Fashion Week for Rocky S

MG: How are you related to Priyanka Chopra? Are you first cousins? There seems to be a rumour doing the rounds that PCee does not acknowledge you. Are you getting enough support from her in Bollywood?

Meera: Priyanka is a family and she has always been with me in my ventures. She’s a sister who gives me unconditional support. I don’t need to do public display of our relationship. I have immense respect for her and I know in Bollywood she’s always there for me.

MG: What are your future plans in Bollywood? What kind of roles are you aiming at?
Meera: After Gang of Ghosts, I am doing Vikram Bhatt’s 1920 London. I am looking for some strong female centric roles. But then I love commercial cinema too.  I would like to maintain a balance between both.

MG: What do you like to do on an off day?
Meera: I just sleep when I am not doing much. In our profession sleep becomes a luxury. And that’s what I do when I am not working.

MG: Any message from Mumbaigloss readers:
Meera: It was wonderful to be here on Mumbaigloss platform. And please do watch my movie Gang of Ghosts. I need love and support from everybody.

So, this was Meera Chopra, who with her baby face is going to melt a zillion hearts. Do watch Gang of Ghosts because if it is anything near to the original one (which I have seen), you will certainly be ROFL!

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