Pure veg Mexican and Asian food at Kurries and Burries Hughes Road

Mumbaigloss was invited for a tasting at Kurries and Burries this weekend. I was intrigued as it promised to serve pure veg Mexican and Asian food under one roof. Even the Jain version of the dishes were also available. It serves wide variety of cuisines, from Burmese to Thai to South Korean and I wondered what would be the outcome where Mexican and Asian food is being customised to suit the palate of a religious community. Does it affect the taste? Are the prices competitive? So we went in search of the ideal veg Asian-Mex cuisine at this eating joint. Kurries and Burries is a very small café which can hardly seat 20 people at a go. Valet it not available. It is small, and quaint, and there is nothing fancy about it.

Protibha Chakravorty , Kurries and Burries

We were greeted by Kushal, the young entrepreneur who started this business right after completing his MBA four months ago. His business plan is supported by his family. Most of the employees are his family members working in various roles. The self-service approach makes this little place more of a family run joint. Set in an area that is predominantly populated by Jain community, this small but smart eatery is tucked into one of the by-lanes on Hughes Road, directly opposite a Starbucks joint. “The idea is to make authentic South East Asian and Mexican cuisine available to those who are deprived of them due to religious beliefs. Most of these dishes are originally non-vegetarian, but we have used my mother’s recipes to convert them into vegetarian and Jain variants.” said Kushal. I was apprehensive as to how the dishes will taste. Usually, when the main ingredients are missing then the chef tends to use overdose of cheese and sauces to make the dishes taste better. I was fearing that and I realised my fears were not baseless to a certain extent.

Kurries and Burries

burritos in rich cheese sauce

Though Kushal insisted that the café has been created on QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) and Fine Dine formats but I can safely say that it is more of a QSR and there is no fine dine element here. Use of disposable plates and cutlery and the presentation of the food makes it look more of a fast food joint than a fine dine restaurant. But it has some interesting aspects to it as well like “Beat the Burrito” challenge which requires one to gobble a 1 kg burrito with sides and drinks in under 25 minutes to have the cost waived off and to earn a Facebook post. “About 9 people have taken the challenge, and only 2 have been able to beat it. Time for some serious appetite foodies! Show them what’ve you got.

Nachos, Kurries and Burries

Nachos and Mango drink

The tasting started with Nachos Supremo served with salsa, baked beans and sour cream, all soaked in sinful liquid cheese. It was a regular nachos plate and I can’t really say that it was one of the best. The portion size felt a tad bit smaller for a price tag of Rs.150. Mango cocktail was delicious with a generous topping of almond flakes. Crackling Spinach with Paneer costing Rs. 160 didn’t leave any impression on me either. Fried spinach heaped on top of paneer with schezwan sauce had way too much oil and was not palatable.

spinach fry, paneer chilly

Paneer chilly with crackling spinach

Green Thai Curry stood its ground with delicious thick gravy and a heap of oriental vegetables. The portion size was good too. It was priced at Rs. 210. And finally Mex-wich was served which is their best seller. A bag made of Nachos chips filled with cooked beans, salsa, mozzarella cheese, paneer, and vegetables, all smothered in liquid cheese is given for you to enjoy. Priced at Rs. 150, it is very filling and the cheesy ingredients just make you to go for it again and again.

Thai Green Curry, Kurries and Burries , Jain food

Thai Green Curry

I would call Kurries and Burries a promising fast food joint. It serves good food but nothing exemplary as the taste is enhanced due to heaps of cheese sauce and salsa. But none the less, it is great for people who want fresh tasty food at value for money.

Will I go there again? Only if I turn pure vegetarian.

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