Raclette grill India – experience at the Palate Culinary Studio with celebrity chef Rakhee Vasvani

Rakhee Vasvani

Celebrity chef Rakhee Vasvani

MumbaiGloss got an invite to experience Alpen-Koch Raclette grill brunch at the Palate Culinary Studio with celebrity chef Rakhee Vasvani this Sunday. Her studio at Khar is small yet vibrant and very interactive. Rakhee launched her studio in 2009 and the khar one was inaugurated in February this year where Malaika Arora Khan was invited as the guest of honour.

Malaika Arora Khan at Palate Culinary Studio

Rakhee with Malaika Arora Khan

The brunch included gourmet Raclette cheese, assorted vegetables and meat, sausages, Asian style rice, a selection of breads and dips followed by some amazing deserts (Tiramisu, Chocolate cake and Blueberry cheese cake). I fell in love with Tiramisu but felt that the cheese was not fluffy and light in the cheesecake. All said and done, it was an experience in itself.

Tiramisu, Chocolate cake and Blueberry cheesecake

Tiramisu, Chocolate cake and Blueberry cheesecake

The bubbly chef gave us a brief introduction about herself and then the grill and asked us to prepare our own meal by grilling the already prepared meat and vegetable skewers. Aspri, the official spirit partner served some amazing sparkling, white and red wine during the brunch. Though, white wine would have been better given that most of the meat was seafood and chicken, but I chose the red Nederburg Wine Masters Shiraz. These days I am more concerned about the anti-oxidants content that are like bonus with a glass of red wine. It was crisp, not on the sweeter side, just ideal for me. But I felt that the aroma was not that strong. The grilling did make the ambience full of smoke but I will discount that given that in a small room 20 people were using 4 – 5 Raclette grills at the same time. So, I would say that it might not be that bad in a real-life scenario where 4 – 6 people might use the grill in a moderately bigger room.

Parimita Chakravorty  from MumbaiGloss with chef Rakhi Vasvani at the Palate Culinary Studio

Parimita Chakravorty from MumbaiGloss with chef Rakhi Vasvani at the Palate Culinary Studio

You must be wondering what is a Raclette grill and how is it better than a traditional barbeque for grilling meat and vegetables. Raclette is a traditional swiss cuisine. The Raclette grill is popular not only in Switzerland but in other European countries like Germany, Austria, France, etc. The Raclette grill is placed at the centre of the table surrounded by a bunch of ingredients  like Raclette cheese (it doesn’t burn when heated, just melts, to be savoured directly over your favourite food), raw vegetables, bell pepper,  boiled potatoe, tomato, tofu, paneer, marinated meats like chicken, lamb, shrimps, smoked ham, smoked salmon. For more details you can visit alpen-koch.in. The site suggests that you and your guests can prepare mini-pan pizzas, omelets, pastas, etc. other than grilling your choice of meat and vegetables. Psst! You can make your own sizzling brownies too. Now that sounds exciting! Cost of these electric operated Raclette grills varies between Rs 7000 to Rs 10000. Well, it is expensive! So, why should you invest in this grill?

Raclette grill and the assortments

Raclette grill and the assortments

Party season is right here and if you wish to entertain your friends and family with live-grilled-food experience then this should be able to help you. Most of us in Mumbai do not have a balcony; leave aside a porch or verandah. Traditional barbeque machines will cause a lot of smoke and mess (charcoal) which apartment dwellers would want to best avoid. It might even trigger the fire alarms. So, the Raclette grill will solve your problem.  More so over, the entire experience of grilling-cooking together is very interactive and the guests will be more than happy to participate at a live counter. But is it as effective as a barbeque machine? Well, maybe not, as chicken skewer took a flat 10-12 minutes to cook. Or maybe more; so if you decide to put a T-bone steak or a beef patty over it, it might take some time before you can dig into it.  The Raclette grill is meant for only small bite sized meat and vegetables. Of course, topped with the Raclette cheese! Also, I was concerned about the smoked flavor that I love in the meat. To which Rakhee said that Haiko and other food markets keep smokey paper (just like butter paper) in which we can fold the meat of our choice and put on the lava stone on the Raclette grill and it will give the same smokey flavor. Still have to try that but it sounded convincing.PicsArt_pcd1Rakhee and her team were wonderful in hosting the brunch. They also gave every participant a plum cake rich in dry fruits soaked in rum as a parting gift. It was soft and moist and full of raisins and berries.  Perfect, to keep the Christmas fervor in place! MumbaiGloss had an amazing time cooking and eating at the Palate Culinary Studio.

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