Ravishing Ruby: Gemstone of passion – how to style Ruby jewelry

After my red hair, I am going to talk about the red gemstone that I have been eyeing for quite some time. Yes, Ruby, the red stone, which is mark of sensuality, vitality and energy, has been on my wish list. Ruby marks aggression as well as passion. It also signifies the heart. The ruby wearer follows his or her heart. So this stone is also a strong sign of individuality. Not everyone can carry red easily. Someone who is comfortable in his or her skin and doesn’t fear attention can carry red with élan.

Coming back to Ruby, which is considered one of the four precious gemstones, gets its color from the presence of chromium in its structure. Chromium gives it natural color ranging from pink to blood red. Blood red or pigeon red commands the best price in the market. Other factors like cut, carat, and clarity also influence its price.

Ruby, gemstone,  color

Ruby colors range from pink to deep red

Astrology considers Ruby as the representative of the sun. This gemstone is a symbol of good health, vigor, love and passion. On wearing, it renders a bold and courageous persona to the wearer. Ruby also helps in eliminating depression and enhances popularity and prestige of the wearer. (According to webastrologer.com) So, apart from aesthetic value, Ruby has planetary benefits as well and has more reasons to be a part of your collection.

But do you know how it can be styled without getting over the top? Mumbaigloss decided to list a few tips for you to wear your Ruby jewelry with panache.

Statement piece: Be it the ring or the necklace or the earrings, ensure that it is just one piece which is worn and highlighted. Don’t wear them all together until and unless you are heading for the altar. Too much ruby red might over power you, your ensemble and might look over the top.

Earrings: If you are wearing danglers, chandelier earrings with a big stone, go light on your blush. Strong blush color and ruby red might clash with each other and making you look too done up. A neutral blush will help you get a natural glow and the color from the stone will be highlighted.

Ruby earrings, sonal's bijoux

Image courtesy Sonal’s Bijoux

Ring: Don’t wear too many rings. A statement ring in Ruby stone will look elegant only if you let it be without any other distraction. Too much bling any way looks tacky.

Floral Ring in Ruby and Diamond from Sonal's Bijoux

Floral Ring in Ruby and Diamond from Sonal’s Bijoux

Mathapatti or maang tika: If your mathapatti or maang tika is made of Ruby, try and wear a subdued bindi. A very attention seeking bindi might clash with the beauty and color of the stone.

Ruby maang tika

Image via Pinterest

Necklace:  Don’t match a red ensemble with a red necklace. Try to wear contrasting colors to enhance the beauty of the gemstone. Electric blue, white, black, mango yellow, gold and other solid colors look great with a ruby statement necklace.

Golecha jewels, ruby necklace

By Golecha Jewels

How did you like these tips? Did I miss out on something? Do leave a comment below.

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