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Sunday brunches are always a respite from cooking and cleaning. It’s a welcome change after a grueling week of work load and loads of house work. So, which places in Mumbai are perfect for a brunch getaway on a budget? The veterans would clearly point out towards Matunga circle. It’s a hub of colleges, educational institutions and a few offices located nearby, therefore, you will find a lot of cafes, small restaurants and joints to get you the best in this segment. Today, I am going to write about Café Madras Mumbai, right at the Matunga circle, a haven for all those who love idlis, dosas and uttapam. The price ranges from Rs 45 to Rs 185 per dish. So, a veg-meal for two can easily be accommodated within Rs 500.

Cafe Madras, Matunga circle

Cafe Madras, Matunga circle

First thing that will concern you is parking. There is no proper parking area and vehicles are parked on either side of the road. (Concept of odd/even days of parking applies). A few young boys guide you to park your car at a decent place and inform you whether it can be towed away or not. They charge Rs 20 for that service.

Second thing that will concern you is to get a place to sit inside the restaurant. Apparently, it is always full and especially during weekends and holidays you will always find a long wait time. Lunch times are usually crowded. So, go there around brunch time, i.e. between 11 am to I pm. It opens at 7am to 2.30 pm, serving breakfast and lunch. Again starts evening service from 4 pm till 10.30 at night. It is closed on Mondays.

Cafe Madras, Matunga

Once seated, the uniformed boys quickly come and take your order. Service is quick. If you know what you want then nothing like it. Or else, browse through the limited menu and still you will find a dish that will spark your interest. Your order comes swiftly.

The first look of the café is not that appealing. You will find it claustrophobic, small, disoriented, haphazard and over-crowded. The next thing you will notice about this is its history and glory behind its existence. Supposedly, the top tycoons like Ambanis feast on its idlis. You will find old artifacts, utensils strewn over wherever they could find a place. A corner of the roof is marked with old temple like bells. There is subtle intrigue about it which will fascinate you for sure. You will also find a row of certificates from the food authorities lined up at distance.

PicsArt_cafe madras

The food is no-doubt the highlight. My personal favourite was the ragi dosa, bissibella bhat (khichdi) served with papad, and butter idlis with gunpowder. My OH tried uttapam and vada. I also loved their delicately flavoured pineapple sheera. The food isn’t exotic, but the earthy appeal of its tastes definitely finds you going there more than once. We concluded the meal with filter Kaapi (coffee) which was served in the traditional way (no cups and saucers). It was the best remedy to break the lazy spell on a Sunday noon. The café paan was not the loaded with mixture kinds, but subtle and the leaf was slightly sweetened. OH preferred his Calcutta paan over it.

Cafe Madras, Matunga Circle, Mumbai

The Café Madras Mumbai sells filter coffee powder, and other knick-knacks which can be brought and kept for evening snacking. There is a counter right next to it where you can find savoury and spicy mixes, fritters, aam papad etc.

Will I go there again? Yes!


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