Review: Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner

I received samples of Tressme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner 2 months back (through Indiblogger). It came beautifully packed in a cloth bag and had a small note about the product. It claims that in three washes the split ends would disappear by up to 96 per cent.

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Why did I opt to review this product? Because the ends of my hair are dry due to years of abuse. (Read colouring, streaking, straightening, etc.) And I wanted to check how this shampoo and conditioner duo can make my tresses better. My hair is fine, wavy with medium volume.

review Tresemme Split Remedy. Shampoo

Dry ends

Shampoo price: Rs. 80 for 90ml, Rs. 215 for 170ml and Rs. 349 for 600ml Conditioner price: Rs. 80 for 90ml & Rs. 179 for 215ml After using it religiously for a week (I used it thrice) here are my observations:

Pros: • Hair felt soft, shiny and less frizzy • Hair was manageable • Dry ends didn’t disappear but looked and felt softer • Scalp was less dry and itchy • From price point, shampoo and conditioner are affordable • Good fruity fragrance

Cons: • Hair was weighed down due to silicon and looked volume less • Scalp felt oily within 48 hours after shampoo

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo review

Smoother ends

Verdict: It is good for women who have head full of frizzy hair. It is a tool to tame your manes if they refuse to obey the laws of gravitation. On a serious note, if you have wavy to curly hair with good volume then this product is ideal for you. For people like me who have fine, wavy, medium volume hair may find it flattening. Straight hair girls may try it if they have good volume. But does it do anything to your split ends? Umm well, not really other than making them appear softer.

Life hack: Use a volumising spray after the shampoo like 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse by Tresemme to get some volume. Though, it costs Rs. 1500/- approx. and might not be pocket friendly.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Thanks for the excellent review, may I say that your hair looks absolutely lovely! Might have to try these products out!

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