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What could be better on a cold and rainy evening than a sizzling Sizzler? It was pouring heavy this Sunday evening and me and my OH didn’t feel like driving too far on the busy and potholed roads of Mumbai. Given that it was raining so much, traffic jams were inevitable; therefore, we decided to hop into a nearby restaurant for dinner. More so, the constant rains had rendered a chill into the air and I was craving for something steaming hot. A nice warm cup of coffee couldn’t satisfy the ravenous me, so we decided to drive down to Yoko Sizzlers Chembur which is a stone’s throw away from my house. As we drove from the Eastern Freeway, it took us very little time to reach there. Yoko Sizzlers Chembur is located right opposite K-Star mall. But let me warn you, if you are speeding you might miss it. The restaurant is right on the road, but inside a residential like property. It has a valet but not enough parking space.

Yoko Sizzlers Chembur

Yoko Sizzlers Chembur

We went inside the restaurant which is on the first floor. The area isn’t very big but comfortable. Though, many might feel a bit suffocated as the restaurant doesn’t have a very good exhaust system and the smokes from the sizzlers keep on hanging in the air. But, otherwise a decent place. The menu includes burgers, pizza, snacks along with an array of various veg and non-veg sizzlers. We straight away ordered a main course as we wanted to savour the sizzlers completely. Friends had warned us beforehand about its massive portion size and it definitely lived up to its reputation. OH had ordered for a steak satellite and I ordered for a chicken exotica. When both sizzling hot dishes arrived, we simply followed the mantra to dig in. We enjoyed our meal completely, though I would like to comment that Café Royal sizzlers are better than Yoko’s. Mumbai gorges good amount of sizzlers through Kobe’s, Yokos, Café Royal, Bombay Blue, Out of the Blue, etc. And Yoko has stood strong from the past 25 years since its first branch was opened in Santacruz. Yoko now has a branch in Dubai too and has 18-20 branches across Mumbai.  Patrons still like to visit the original Yoko in Santacruz.

Yoko Sizzlers Chembur

Yoko Sizzlers Chembur

Our dinner wasn’t epic as the fries were soggy with the sauce and the steak was not the usual chunk but two slices of the meat over a heap of veggies. Otherwise, the meal was fulfilling. Average price for two is Rs 1200 which includes two sizzlers and two non-alcoholic drinks.

My verdict: Do not expect fireworks from the sizzler and it surely will go down well with you due to its competitive price and the variety it offers in Yoko Sizzlers. If not game for a meal, you can have ample of choices in the snacks department to share with friends over tea or coffee.


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