Starfish Kids Salon Bandra: Hair styles to Salon parties for your kids

Remember the last time you took your reluctant toddler to a parlor for a haircut and came out all bruised, deranged and completely exhausted with managing a wailing (shrieking, actually) child who refused to part with their locks. Phew! The aftermath of the exercise is either, an absurd haircut or a very high BP (the dread of scissors snipping the skin instead of hair on a protesting toddler kills you completely). Most of the times, the stylists refuse to touch hair of such young clients. Of course, it isn’t easy dealing with them. (Ask us parents!) And a few, whom they dare service cry after the haircut, stating it is not in style. And we adults look at them helplessly; completely clueless about what exactly is in style. So, to take care of the needs of these style conscious little munchkins, a dedicated kid’s salon has opened in Bandra West. It is called Starfish Kids Salon and is a brainchild of Marya Lanewala and Preeti Harkare. (God bless these angels!)

Starfish Kids Salon, Salon party for kids Mumbai

Preeti and Marya, co-own Starfish Kids Salon

Mumbaigloss decided to talk to these ladies to decode what exactly Starfish offers for your kids.

MG: How was Starfish conceptualised? How big is the team?

StarF: We were pretty unhappy when it came to getting salon service for our kids. Most of the salons across the city do not take young clients seriously. We spoke to several moms across Mumbai and other cities if they felt the same. We identified that there was certainly a need gap in the area of providing good quality salon services to children of all age groups. We can tell you that each one of the moms said that they would be keen to take their kids to a child friendly salon. Also, we did a good research to know exactly what was missing and from their Starfish was born. A lot of insights have also been gathered from within the family; my three year old daughter and our nephews and nieces were consulted about what they would like in a salon when we were planning the design and experience! We manage the salon and have 4 trained and experienced staff managing the services in our first salon.

Starfish Kids Salon Bandra West

Starfish Kids Salon, Bandra West

MG: That’s impressive and a very new concept indeed. But is it difficult managing the prime clients, i.e. kids? Is it more time consuming than the regular clients?

StarF: It is not as difficult as one thinks. What works for us is that we have created an environment that is very child friendly i.e. bright and cheerful, with toys and other distractions. One of the very important factors has been that we identified our staff very carefully who could patiently deal with young children. It was important that they all like children as it automatically makes a warm and inviting place. We have trained them in interacting with children. Our head stylist, Dilshad, is well experienced and has been a hair stylist for children for over 10 years.

MG: Sounds good. What services are offered for kids in Starfish other than haircut/hairstyle?

StarF: We provide the entire range of salon services; in addition to haircuts. We do party styles for girls (curling, blow dry. crimping), oil massage and hair wash, hair braiding with/without accessories, mani and pedi for kids as well as nail art. We also have select services for mothers like blow dry, hair wash, mani, pedi and nail art, etc. Our belief is that kids should feel happy and engaged at Starfish Kids Salon rather than just coming for a service. We also have special offerings like ‘My haircut certificate’ for first haircuts and mundans or specially designed gift vouchers. Our basic services like trims start at Rs.350 for both boys and girls. The prices vary between Rs.450-500 for more advanced cuts and razor styles. Our other nail and styling services for kids and mothers are priced between Rs. 400 and upwards. We also have specialised services like Mundans, prices for which vary depending on whether it is done at salon or at home.

MG: Excellent! Mundans are not worrisome anymore. What are the latest trends in kid’s styles?

StarF: We get a lot of requests for Mohawks from boys. Now that the summer holidays have started, hairstyles are also getting more adventurous and fun, with requests for razor styles like spider webs, angry birds and other funky designs.

Starfish Kids Salon

Hairstyles for little boys

Girls are also very adventurous and most of them are happy to go short for the summer. The graduating bob is the most loved currently. For party styles, we get a lot of requests for different braids and cute hair accessories.

MG: Do you organise salon parties for kids? What all is included? 

StarF: Yes, we offer salon parties and playdates. Parents can chose from a variety of options. For girls there is hair styling to nail art or mani and pedi. For boys parents can opt for razor styles, gel styling, hand and feet clean up. The cost is between Rs. 600 to 900 per person depending on the services chosen (food not included). Thank you Marya and Preeti for giving us a peek into Starfish Kids Salon! I am sure many moms are relieved that now the haircutting for their kids is not going to be a hair-raising event for them.

Starfish Kids Salon

Waiting area full of toys and Mini Mouse chair at Starfish Kids Salon

Starfish sounds like fun. If you are in and around Bandra, I would definitely suggest a visit to Starfish Kids Salon with your kids. All the kids are treated to special Starfish cookies and they can play in the waiting area with toys till their turn comes. My LO loved the pink Mini mouse chair and was happy to sit on it for a change. The staff is also very helpful. For more information, call 022 2642 3093. Mondays closed.

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