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Want to resell some of your lesser-used fashion staples? Sell via Precared. Precared, a second hand store for women, helps you sell some of the barely-used things at home. Be it your home décor, apparels, accessories, baby gear and so on – you can sell them via the platform.

I have always wondered what to do with some of the dresses and accessories hanging in my wardrobe that I have outgrown. I was recommended that I could donate them – but these were barely used and were established brands, and had a lot of life left in them. Hence, I felt it was better to sell them than give it to somebody who may not appreciate its value. That’s when I discovered

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Now don’t let your prized gently-used Gucci, Prada, Michael Kors or Zara rot away at the back of your wardrobe. Let it live its complete life. How often have you wondered what to do with the Mango bag that you wont be using again or the Patola saree that you have outgrown the colour of, or even the Swarovski crystalware that suited the décor of the earlier home? A simple solution – explore

When I first called Precared, I had my reservations. But their processes and transparency made me go right ahead. They collect items from your doorstep without any extra charge. For sellers living in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai only, their representative comes home, inspects the items and then hands over a receipt of the number of items taken from you. For the rest of the country, they co-ordinate it all through their logistics partner. Once approved, the items are then listed on their website within 10 working days. They already have a loyal fan base that scouts for valuable items that still have a life in them on their website regularly. Once sold the cash is refunded to your account within 15 days. Who doesn’t love some extra cash? Get rid of the things you no longer use at Precared, that is if they still have value.

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Their process is simple. The products are taken to their facility where the team physically inspects it for flaws, quality, brand, used rating, current market pricing and so on. Basis all these parameters, they may either send back a piece (if it does not meet their parameters) or, if accepted, ascertain the price. The products are listed with a selling price which varies between 35 to 45 per cent of the market price.

The entire process, in fact, has been detailed out on the website and on every product page – talk about transparency!

The complete experience is now very convenient since they have developed a personalised dashboard. Once you register you can know the status on every product you have listed real-time. Everything from pick-up to auditing, listing and sale is updated here. And since they hold the product once we list it with them, you can rest assured about quality and hygiene.

PreCared picks your products from various locations across Mumbai, lists them, markets them, entertains product related queries, ships them to the buyer, collects payments on your behalf and for that it charges 30 per cent of the selling price, which isn’t a bad deal at all!

Not only Mumbai, Precared welcomes goods from all over the country.

I am happy that I found a reliable place to buy and sell gently-used things. I have already finalised a Louis Vuitton satchel and a Mango leather handbag with them and also identified a few Zara dresses that I plan to sell through them.

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So what are you waiting for? Start buying and selling fashionable clothes and accessories today with Precared.

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