Sushmita Sen at IIJW’13 – a mother at her best

image courtsey Cyril Thomas

image courtsey Cyril Thomas

Sushmita Sen scorched the ramp yesterday for Charu Jewels at IIJW’13. And was she a head turner with her impeccable mannerisms, charm and presence? Indeed, she was a stunner. Her ensemble, jewellery, make-up, everything complimented her gorgeous persona. At 37, she can put many a new actresses to shame with her beauty and grace. She drew a lot of flak in the past for her sudden weight gain and the link-ups which were never established. People started speculating that motherhood (2 adopted daughters Renee and Alisah) must have taken its toll on this tall and dusky beauty. People started speculating about her marriage. But she put all these rumors behind as she announced her comeback to the tinsel town yesterday. She said that she took a sabbatical to take care of her baby Alisah and has been preparing for a comeback. Though, she didn’t take any names and asked to wait for the producers to announce about her project.

image courtsey Cyril Thomas

image courtsey Cyril Thomas

She has always been a non-conformist. Any other actress would have jumped to declare about her comeback project but she decided otherwise. As I discuss her non-conformist trait, how can I not talk about the adoptions she made at the young age of 24. She made adoptions at a time when being a single mum was an alien idea in India. She adopted Renee, a girl child, at 24 when other women are just dreaming about their knight in the shining armour. She adopted Alisah three years back. She dotes on her daughters Renee (11) and Alisah (3). She is a hands down mum when at home with her children and tells them that they may not be born from her womb but are born from her heart.

from twitter feed of Sushmita Sen

From Twitter feed of Sushmita Sen – with youngest daughter Alisah

From twitter feed of Sushmita Sen - with youngest daughter Alisah

From twitter feed of Sushmita Sen

From twitter feed of Sushmita Sen – with Renee and Alisah

She started her career at the age of 18 when girls are still discussing college admissions. She believes in all the religions. She is as firm in her hindu belief of Ma Durga, as she is comfortable taking her children to a church or celebrating Eid with her family. Her favourite phrase happens to be ‘Insha allah’, which many staunch hindu believers frown upon. (She is a Bengali hindu by birth).

From Twitter feed of Sushmita Sen - Her friend Neelam, Father, and cousin

From Twitter feed of Sushmita Sen – Her friend Neelam, Father, and cousin

She dated men who have been younger to her or older to her but who could stay put with her intelligence and grace. Recently, a friend commented that Aishwarya Rai became a star, a wife and a mother, why couldn’t Sushmita do it? Again, a comparison which they both cannot escape, being contemporaries! To which, I said, may be the men get intimidated with her towering personality. Indian men never like their wife to be at the helm of affairs. And Sushmita is never politically correct; she says what she believes in. She does what seems right, maybe which is outright eccentric. She chose movies in her initial days which appealed to her senses and not to her bank balance. As her father has served Indian Air Force at a much senior position and her mother happens to be a jewellery designer, she had enough to fall back upon. Moreover, Indians prefer a fair-skin light-eyed actress over a dark, tall and unconventional beauty, a bias which is deep-rooted in their minds and our society in general.

From Twitter feed of Sushmita Sen

From Twitter feed of Sushmita Sen

Has she looked any less beautiful? No, she has looked ethereal in ‘Main Hoon Na’ in a sexy-saari clad – school teacher avatar, or as gypsy queen dancing to the tunes of ‘Mehboob Mere’ in Fiza or as a negative lead in Biwi no 1. I cannot forget her portrayal of a dedicated IPS officer in Samay where I saw her play tough on the goons as well as soft for her child. She has a good comic timing which was evident in ‘Kyunki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta’, ‘Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya’, ‘Do not Disturb’ and the latest ‘No Problem’.

Now, she grooms contestants for ‘Miss Universe’ title through ‘I Am She’ a company she visualized and formed in the recent past. Being India’s first Miss Universe has given her the required edge and appeal to choose the right candidates who can represent India in the international arena.

I wish her all the best for her venture and the coming release in the future. She might not be the reigning queen of Bollywood but she definitely rules many a hearts.

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