Sushmita Sen unveils I am Life, a book by Shraddha Soni

Sushmita Sen book launch I am Life

Sushmita Sen with author Shraddha Soni

MumbaiGloss, attended the glittering launch of the book ‘I am Life’ by Shraddha Soni with gorgeous Sushmita Sen last evening. Though, the launch was scheduled for 6 in the evening but it could only start at around 7, thanks to the Mumbai traffic. The petite Shraddha Soni was herself looking glam in her LBD and golden belt and pumps. The venue ‘Title Waves’ in Bandra was thronged by her supporters, fans and family. And there was a lot of press as ex Miss Universe Sushmita Sen was about to launch the book.

Sushmita Sen book launch I am life

Sushmita Sen and Shraddha Soni

The launch started with a brief introduction of the author Shraddha Soni and actor Sushmita Sen given by Caroline Newbery from Random House Publication. Sushmita Sen then cut the ribbon along with Shraddha Soni unveiling the book – I am Life.

Paparazzi hounding the actor for some byte and pictures

Paparazzi hounding the actor for some byte and pictures

Actor Sushmita Sen spoke about the book and the story that it conveys. She spoke about her life in relation to the book and how she connected with the book and the title. She has a tattoo called “I am” and said that the title of the book just attracted her to it. I also came to know that copy rights of ‘I am’ is registered with Sushmita Sen and initially Shraddha had planned to name her book ‘I am’ which was eventually changed to ‘I am Life’ due to copyright issues.

Sushmita Sen book launch I am life

Sushmita talking about the book

There was a question and answer round by the press to the actor and the author. Sushmita quickly left after the launch and Shraddha started signing copies for her fans.

Why MumbaiGloss is awed by this author is that she is Dyslexic yet she overcame her shortcoming and was able to write a book. She cannot read or write fluently like normal people, so when she saw this story in a flash (dream) she started looking for someone who could write this for her. When she couldn’t find the right person, she started jotting down the points in her blackberry. At that time, she didn’t know to handle a laptop properly, but only knew to type, yet she was able to join all her notes and combine it into a book. Currently, she is working on two more books. Kudos Shraddha!

Sushmita Sen book launch Shraddha Soni

Shraddha Soni and Sushmita Sen

“Shraddha Soni’s I Am Life is a unique book that we at Random House, are publishing this year. To me it is in the genre of Paulo Coelho- powerful, intense, and shakes you up by the time you finish reading it. I feel it is a timeless book, something you can read even when you are not lost, and always expect to be surprised by what you find in it. I am really proud to publish it and hope you enjoy reading it. This genre has yet to make a dent in the Indian publishing”, said Milee Ashwarya of Random House.

Sushmita Sen book launch Shraddha Soni

Sushmita Sen

The book is available at leading book stores.

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