How to choose a cocktail ring

Cocktail rings are large, lavish and dramatic. They are a style statement and are very much in vogue. Not only diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are used to produce beautiful designs, even semi-precious stones like amethyst, jade, pearls and a… Continue reading

Tanzanite and Diamond jewelry – mystical yet elegant

Whatever sparkles is not a diamond and whichever blue gem you see is not a Sapphire. Yes, it’s true that the allure of blue gems in contrast to white diamonds has been an all-time A-lister’s favorite. Sapphire being the more… Continue reading

How to buy statement jewellery?

Christmas is just round the corner and New Year is not very far either. Many of you must be gearing up for celebrations and parties. More so over, this is the hot season for marriages too. You have already chosen… Continue reading