Farah Khan Ali designs jewellery for Tanishq

Farah Khan Ali, Tanishq

Farah Khan Ali, ace jewellery designer has collaborated with Tata brand to design exclusive diamond jewellery for Tanishq woman. Inspired by Persian aesthetics, the collection is a feast to the eyes with intricate floral designs, which have both traditional and modern… Continue reading

Farah Khan Ali, Prerna Makharia, Laksh Pahuja and Ishu Datwani talk on design, colors and latest jewellery trends during IIJS 2014

The seminar on ‘Exotic World of Design, Colours & Trends’ in IIJS 2014 saw eminent jewellery designers Farah Khan Ali, Prerna Makharia, Laksh Pahuja  and Ishu Datwani of Anmol Jewellers talk on creativity, originality and on how to enhance the… Continue reading

Top 5 jewellery designers during IIJW 2014

Silver jewellery, Apala, Sumit Sawhney, IIJW 2014, best jewellery tribal

Mumbaigloss witnessed some of the most innovative designs and intricate craftsmanship during IIJW 2014. Most of the jewellery designers had presented the best of their products during the show. And it was indeed overwhelming for a jewellery lover like me… Continue reading