What happens after cysteine treatment/ hair relaxing? My personal story

Moisturizing shampoo, Amazon range of products, Cysteine treatment, hair Smoothening

Dry ends, hair looking like hay after a lot of styling abuse and you wonder what you can do to make them look healthy and shiny again. You go to your hair stylist who suggests Cysteine Keratin treatment for your… Continue reading

Himalaya Herbals hair care range are as good as hair spa at home

Himalaya Herbals Anti Hair Fall Range

Protibha from Mumbaigloss went to experience #BringHairAlive, hair spa treatment by Himalaya Herbals last weekend. With hair problems like breaking, splitting, dryness at the ends, dry scalp, etc. I wasn’t sure how this was going to help.  Usually, ayurvedic products… Continue reading

From Brown to Red hair colour with Lakme Absolute Salon

Lakme Absolute Salon, The Show Stopping Hair, The Auburn Blend

Indian women are the least risk takers when it comes to chopping off their hair, trying new colours or highlights and styling their precious manes. We are so attached to them. Since childhood we are taught about ‘kaale ghane sundar… Continue reading