Tanzanite and Diamond jewelry – mystical yet elegant

Whatever sparkles is not a diamond and whichever blue gem you see is not a Sapphire. Yes, it’s true that the allure of blue gems in contrast to white diamonds has been an all-time A-lister’s favorite. Sapphire being the more popular one! Not only have the celebrities, even the royalties been mesmerized with the Sapphire and Diamond combination since time immemorial. (Let’s not forget the royal engagement ring sported by Kate Middleton which used to adorn Princess Diana’s finger at one point of time.) Even our own Nizams have been a great admirer of blue stones. (The Nizam of Hyderabad owned a blue diamond called Wittelbachs diamond.)

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Blue gem holds a lot of attention and beauty. But what if a blue gem reflects purple, brown and blue haze at different point of time, with different lights and at different time of the day? Sounds mystical and impossible, isn’t it? Yes, that’s possible with Tanzanite, a rare purplish blue gemstone which looks very neat and trendy with diamonds set in white gold. Tanzanite and diamond make a statement together.

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Tanzanite is one the most revered, rare and coveted gemstones which fascinates with its unusual, captivating aura. Its deep blue with the slightly purple hue is one of the most exotic colors your eyes can witness. It is owned by the powerful and the beautiful. It was discovered 30 years ago in Mererani, Arusha, Tanzania by a local tailor. The mineral was named by Tiffany & Co. after Tanzania, the country in which it was discovered. Tiffany & Co were the first to bring this dazzling new gemstone to the market. In 2002, the American Gem Trade Association chose Tanzanite as a December birthstone, the first change to their birthstone list since 1912.

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Many believe that a good Tanzanite has the powers to augment the power of Saturn leading to good fortune and wealth. Now, how do you ascertain a good Tanzanite? If your stone has color, brilliance and luster, particularly inward luster; is transparent without any impurities or cracks then it will undoubtedly get you the celestial powers as believed to be provided by this gemstone.

Different qualities of Tanzanite

Different qualities of Tanzanite

If you are not impressed by its astrological powers, you can be rest assured that it will definitely make you look like a prize. With its different hues, it will surround you in a mystical aura. The best part is you can rock it over an LBD (Little Black Dress) as well as over your Kanjivarams without batting an eyelid. Tanzanite is certainly a versatile and beautiful gemstone and with diamonds, its beauty is accentuated manifolds.

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Image courtesy Anmol Jewellers from their ‘Allure of Tanzanite’ collection. Also, featuring ring by Pure Gold Jewellers. For more information, contact Anmol Jewellers. 

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