TGIF Palladium review: New menu full of spicy tangy flavors

Mumbaigloss visited TGIF Palladium this weekend to taste their new menu. And found that TGIF has tried to add a lot of colors and flavors to their menu and increased the repertoire of their Mexican style dishes.  Our plates were laden with colorful vegetables, roasted meat, jalapenos, chopped onion and tomatoes, cheese, sweet corn, etc.; a riot of colors which was appealing to the eyes. Sweet and sour flavor ruled the evening.

TGIF Palladium

Parking at Palladium is a task over the weekend, otherwise there is ample of parking. TGIF is conveniently located at the first floor near the entrance. When we reached around 9 pm, there was a wait time of approx. 15-20 minutes so it is advisable to book a table earlier for the weekend. The ambience is peppy with club music, plasma playing the latest football match and Marvel comic character miniatures strewn all over their walls. The disco ball near the bar also adds to the mood.  The seating is comfortable and there is a smoking room for those who are still attached to their fag. The staff are attentive to the guests. Food wait time after placing the order is decent.

TGIF Palladium Mumbai

We started our evening with the Hors d’oeuvre from the new menu. Taste of Havana and Ultimate Lynchburg Lemonade (A blend of whiskey, Triple Sec and lemon lime soda) were interestingly served in deep Balloon/Snifter glasses. The drinks were on the sweeter side and Ultimate Lynchburg Lemonade tasted better any day. We ordered Nacho Lamb Chili Roll (Bite-sized flour tortilla rolls filled with cheese and spicy minced lamb garnished with fresh corn) and Stacked Lamb Chili Cheese Fries (fries topped with chilli minced lamb, cheese sauce, tomato, pickled Jalapenos) as starters. The fries were rendered soggy due the sauce over it otherwise it was a spicy little affair. If you love melted cheese then go for the Nacho roll. I would rate Nacho roll better than cheese fries.

TGIF Palladium

Drinks, Tenderloin Asda, Lamb Chili cheese fries, Nacho roll, Double Barrel Chocolate Cake and Pineapple Mojito Grilled fish

For the mains, we ordered Pineapple Mojito Grilled Fish (Grilled Basa on a bed of herbed rice, steamed broccoli, pineapple pieces brewed in sweet and sour tangy clear sauce) and Tenderloin Asada (char grilled tenderloin steak marinated in beer served with chili pepper lime butter, mashed potato and onion rings). I just loved the grilled fish, though I am not inclined towards rice, yet tasted the herbed rice mixed with sweet and sour sauce. The fish, pineapple, broccoli are enough to fill up a person. Tenderloin Asda was good. Only twist being we asked for rare and they got us well-done. Chili pepper lime butter gave a distinct flavor to the steak and it was not chewy even when it was well-done. After the mains, we were two happy satisfied foodies from Mumbaigloss who were full to the brim, yet when the staff insisted that we try their selection of deserts, I couldn’t resist but order a Double Barrel Chocolate Cake. It was two layers of chocolate Kahlua cake layered with chocolate cream ganache. Chocolate makes me weak and when warm chocolate buns filled with cool chocolate ganache was served, I couldn’t help but dig into it. The saving grace to my diet regime being that I ate only half of it; talk of consoling oneself!

A meal for two will cost you anywhere between Rs. 2500-3000. They have even introduced a few dishes which are pocket-friendly ranging between Rs. 250 – 350. Though, the regular prices are on the expensive side. But if you want a chilled out evening with your family and friends, with some good food and good music then this is where you need to be.

Pros: Good food –specialize in burger and steak, smoking room, good club music, variety of pitchers available

Cons: Expensive, not very spacious, some might not like loud music.

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