Thali wars: Poush v/s Jimmy Boy – Kashmiri or Parsi thali?

I am sure, the original Parsi and Kashmiri cuisine never had the concept of thali, but given that we love this thali concept in India where we get to taste a variety of dishes from a particular cuisine, Poush and Jimmy Boy decided to include it in their menu. 

Poush review

Poush interiors, Qahwa and Phirni

Let me start with Poush first. I went to Poush Phoenix Marketcity Kurla on a weekend and there were quite a few patrons already for an early dinner. The look and ambience is very interesting as it has seating similar to that of inside a houseboat. You need to take off your shoes, climb inside a small saloon which has a wooden table and cushions on a platform. Though, regular seating arrangement is also available for those who are not comfortable sitting with their legs folded. The wooden work and net curtains add to the theme. Lighting could have been better. We were more interested to taste Gushtaba – the dish of kings. Gushtaba is meat balls which taste like frankfurters in a white sour gravy.  We ordered one portion of Gushtaba. We also ordered for Maharaz Thal (non-veg) which costs Rs. 495 + taxes and consists of Seekh Kebab, Rogan Josh, Kokur Yakhni, Nadier Palak, Rajma, Raita, Roti, Rice, Phirni and Qahwa. Surprisingly, gravy of Kokur Yakhni and Gushtaba was same. The meat ball preparation didn’t impress us at all as the meat balls were not juicy but stiff. Ideally, they should have had sponge like character, similar to that of kofta which would have helped the gravy to seep in. Over all, the thali was filling but the food wasn’t exceptional. It’s a regular north Indian fare. Roganjosh and Seekh Kebab in gravy were oily and spicy but were not tasty enough for us to repeat them again. Though, Phirni and Qahwa were good. The waiting staff was prompt. As it is in a mall so there is no problem with parking. I would suggest that you can visit them once for the experience, lest they buckle up their food preparation and make it taste better.

Poush review

Thali at Poush

Jimmy Boy Colaba is a vintage parsi joint near Horniman Circle. It has a café like feel as the ground floor area has vintage wooden parsi furniture seating and it also has a bakery in one corner. No AC in the ground floor. The narrow stairs on the left from the entrance lead you to the first floor which is considerably small but has air-conditioning. Parking is available across the road. We were promptly seated and we ordered for typical Jeera Masala soda by Pallonjis which is available across all the Irani cafes in Mumbai. I also tried Ginger soda but couldn’t finish it. The ginger flavor was too strong and over powering and I had to leave it mid-way.

Jimmy Boy colaba, Pallonji soda

Ginger and Jeera masala soda

Greedily, we asked for thali details. Non-veg Lagan Nu Bhonu costs Rs. 745 +taxes and includes Patra Ni Macchi or Saas Ni Macchi, Salli Margi or Margi Na Farcha, Chicken or Mutton Pulao with Dhansak dal, with Sago wafers, roti, achar, Lagan nu custard or Kulfi. It was filling but after eating this giant meal, I didn’t feel uncomfortable. The food is light and tasty. The service was prompt. The spices were perfect. The food wasn’t too oily. Specially, Patra Nu Macchi is steamed fish wrapped in green mint masala. The gravies were distinct. We ended our meal with Lagan Nu Custard, which was good, if not the best in town. If you aren’t into thalis then you can also order Salli Boti, Berry Pulao a la carte.

Jimmy Boy Colaba

Thali at Jimmy Boy

Meal for two at Poush – Rs. 1500

Meal for two at Jimmy Boy – Rs. 2000 to 2200

Will I eat a non-veg thali at Poush or Jimmy Boy again? Yes, at Jimmy boy’s for sure because the taste and quality of food is much better there. Though expensive, yet Jimmy Boy win’s this thali war.

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