Weight loss during festivals

Expert inputs by Janvi Chitalia, Fitness Nutritionist (jkchitalia@gmail.com), image courtsey Weheartit

Huff! Puff! …you ran a mile. After all you are on your way to losing extra pounds. Past months have shown steady drop in the scales and you are confident that you will achieve your weight loss goal if you stick to your exercise and diet plans. But, poof!…. festivities land up one after the other starting from Ganeshotsav till New Year and you are unsure if you will be able to lose weight in the festive months; given that our Indian celebrations include eating lots of fried and sweet food which are of course, “fattening”.

Jalebi and Rabri

Jalebi and Rabri

Look at these delicious mithais and sweets. Tempting, isn’t it? However the solution is not as hard as it seems. The key to maintaining ones weight loss journey during festive season lies in balancing healthy and the not-so healthy food choices. A well planned structured diet would help to keep you going strong on your weight loss plan during the festive season as well!



For example, if you need to indulge in Diwali celebrations or a shaadi (marriage) and you know that you will be eating out 4-5 consecutive days; you need to follow these tips to stay on your weight loss plan:

• Plan the 2 crucial days when eating out or staying out almost the entire day is absolutely unavoidable

•Target cheat meals (as in ladoos, barfees, halwa purees, etc.) approximately 2 times over the span of 4 days. Save the cheats for the main event

• Do not eat dessert after a heavy meal. Either eat dessert or a heavy meal like (pizza/ pasta/ Indian/ chaat), etc.

• It is important to follow your diet plan while you are at home during the festive days. (Often in the Diwali spirit, the daily routine is ignored completely)

•Eating light on the balance days is important e.g. eating soup/ salad with grilled starters or a stir fry with low fat protein options is advised

Healthy salad, fruits and black coffee

Healthy salad, fruits and black coffee

• Before going out for lunch or dinner have a bowl of soup or salad with skim buttermilk or some low fat paneer or egg whites so that you do not overeat at the main event

•On days of continuous home visits to the relatives, carry a mix of nuts (almonds/ walnuts/ chana/peanuts) to eat every 2 to 3 hrs. This will help you to avoid overeating at any given time as well as serve as healthy snack options

• Reward yourself with sweets that come for Diwali only after you manage to have some physical activity on that particular day. Else, distribute the sweets to everyone in the house if controlling the sweet tooth is an issue.

Enjoy this festive season by gifting yourself the gift of health! Stay focused and move ahead in your journey of weightloss with these tips! Thank you Janvi for such valuable inputs.

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