What do you do for a living? – “I work as a mermaid.” – Zara Hatke profession


We have heard about mermaids only in children stories and comic books. But there are people who have made a profession being a ‘mermaid’ or a ‘merman’. They perform at events, parties and gatherings showing there swimming skills with sartorial fish tail covering their lower body. They are able to propel in water with the help of dolphin kicks. One of such professionals is called Mermaid Melissa. She is making a living by doing what she loves the most i.e. swimming underwater. She can hold her breath for 5 minutes underwater and has been practising that since childhood. Born Melissa Dawn, is so obsessed with the mythical creatures she has legally changed her name to Melissa Mermaid.

melissa mermaid,  professional mermaid

Melissa has been working with animals since the age of 16 and devoted her life to an aquatic career over the last 10 years. In 2008, she started to make live appearances in traveling tanks.

melissa mermaid, professional mermaid

“My lifestyle as a young surfer girl from Saint Augustine, Florida grew into something of a lifelong quest to achieve an aquatic career that seemed only a fantasy -that I was determined to make into my reality. What started as a summer hobby visiting the ocean, Aquariums, or in my pool from almost sunup to sundown, led to the realization early on (at age 12) that I could hold my breath for over 2 and a half minutes.” She worked as a model and in Hollywood for a few years, took acting classes. Later, she got her scuba and PADI certification before starting off as a full-fledged Mermaid ten years back.

mermaid Melissa

Not only her, there are many professional divers who have taken up the profession of a Mermaid/Merman. Eric Ducharme is one of them who loves to be in a merman fin.

In fact such professional acts are very common abroad.

real life mermaid

You can see professional mermaid show at the Florida aquarium and many other places.

But in India, how many would like to take it up as a full time profession? There might be many good swimmers but how many of them will be open to the idea of becoming a mermaid/merman and entertaining people as a source of income?


Just assume a scenario where a girl has to explain her profession in India:

Uncle: Beta tum kahan kaam karti ho?

Girl: Uncle, main ***** Waterpark ke saath mermaid ka kaam karti hoon!

Uncle: Accha! Toh Doctor, Engineer, nahin bani to jalpari ban gayi. Badiya hai! Magar shaadi ke baad toh yeh sab chodna padega. Chalo husband allow kar bhi de, toh bacchon ke baad toh chodna padega yeh sab.

Girl: Aisa nahin hai uncle ji!

Uncle: Arey log kya kahenge! Sharmaji ki beti jalpari hai. Kaun karega tumse shaadi.

Well, let’s not even get there where a man has to defend his profession as a merman in India.

Would you allow your near and dear ones to take up this profession? Leave a comment below.

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