What to shop in Bali? My Bali Trip

Mumbaigloss went to Bali recently and indulged in a lot of shopping at Bali. I know shopping sounds very exciting but I made sure that I bought selective items and not purchase stuff which are readily available at home. We tend to get a lot of stuff which we never intend to use. Especially, clothes and beach wear which are so easily available in our own country. So when I went there, I only bought stuff that are exclusive to Bali. Here is a list of what you can buy in Bali:

1. Silk Batic print sarongs or silk dresses

Batic print with ethnic Balinese designs are very beautiful. Especially, the silk quality is good and isn’t very expensive. I bought a silk sarong and a dress which are timeless pieces and can be worn here easily.

Bali silk sarong

Image via cpp.edu

2. Silver and antique jewellery

Though silver jewellery isn’t cheap there but I loved the elaborate designs on shells and wood. Pure silver jewellery in traditional Balinese designs with semi-precious stones are certainly a good buy. You can wear those statement pieces with much elan and that too for generations. Just don’t forget to declare it in the customs.

jewellery, Bali, silver jewellery,

Local jewellery designs are exotic. They use silver as the base metal.

3. Exotic Coffee and Tea

Bali offers a variety of tea and coffee flavours which you would have never imagined. Including Cat-Poo-Chino or Kopi Luwak. I also bought Saffron Tea, Rosella Tea, Vanilla Coffee and Rice Tea. You can visit any coffee plantation and they will make you taste coffee and tea for free. Worth a buy, especially the organic variety.

Kopi Luwak, organic tea

Cat-poo-chino or Kopi Luwak and other selection of tea

4. Art, craft and wood carvings

Balinese art is to die for especially the wood carvings. You need to haggle to get a good bargain though. From life size Ram-Sita to miniature Balinese masks, there are many charming art collectibles that you can purchase from this island. Because their art is so true to their culture, the carvings just give you a piece of life.

suckling pig, wood, art,

Pig is revered in Bali, considered a sign of life and is offered to the gods. Look at the lively wooden art about suckling pigs

5. Organic spices and oils

Bali is sensuous in every way. That reflects in the food as well. If you are keen to try making authentic Balinese at home then don’t forget to buy satay paste, sambal paste, vanilla pods, chili, etc. I bought a packet of Saffron flowers, sambal paste and got chili which is the hottest I have tasted till now.

organic spices

Organic spices

6. Spa items

Bali is popular for its spas and the spa items are certainly cheap and are available in various natural fragrances. You can buy spa items like body butters, scrubs, body oils, incense sticks, etc. which are much less than the branded variety you get here. The products are organic, natural and certainly better. Also, try Bali Thurgas incense which smells divine. I know, in India there is no dearth of incense sticks but this one just calms you instantly.

Bali shopping, what to shop in Bali

Spa items beautifully packed in wooden painted containers

What do you think about this post? Did I miss anything? Do leave a comment below.

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