Food that aid in fat loss and improve immunity in Winters

Expert inputs by Janvi Chitalia, Fitness Nutritionist (, image courtsey Weheartit

Winters are here and we oh so love the chill in the air. It is a perfect time to go out jogging/walking in the early mornings or late evenings without bearing the unnecessary heat and sweat. But this is also the time when our immune system is being targeted by different viruses which come alive due to changing weather. Cold, cough, flu and many other health issues drain out our energies which are meant to keep us active and on-the-go in these winter months. It is said that certain food items have immune elevating properties which help our bodies to fight such viruses. These food items raise the energy of the organs and improve the blood circulation which helps in dispelling disease and raising the body temperature.  It also helps to keep us warm during cold months. These are known as Thermogenic food.

fat loss in winters
Green leafy vegetable

Certain food items which come under Thermogenic food are:

•Green leafy
•Pine nuts


fat loss in winters
Seasonal fruits

If you feel that you suffer from cold feet, hand or body, stomach pains, diarrhea, bloating, sore joints, fluid retention or lack of energy during cold months then maybe you should consider changing your diet options to Thermogenic food items.


Thermogenic food also aid in fat loss. Everything we eat is broken down by enzymes in our stomach and that has an effect on our cells and ultimately on how we function. Thermogenic foods like foods high on fibre,( green leafy vegetables and salad) foods adequate in protein( meats, eggs, skim milk products) and foods rich in omega3 ( walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, fish) cause the body to use more energy to digest and absorb these foods, thereby, making the body burn more calories through the process of digestion and absorption. By doing so, the metabolic rate of the body increases and also facilitates fat loss.

whole grains
whole grains

So this winter, switch on the thermogenic button and rev up your metabolism to aid fat loss and make the best out of the cold season!

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