6 awesome low calorie drinks available in Mumbai

Diabetic friendly low calorie drinks are here, to get you through the heat.

With PCOS, many get insulin resistant. It means that their body is unable to process glucose efficiently and they require to modify their diet. They need to adapt to low carb diet which helps them to control glucose and insulin sensitivity in their body. It also includes low calorie drinks, low in sugar that doesn’t cause insulin to shoot up through the roof, unlike other colas and pops which are high in sugar. Apart from black coffee, tea sweetened with Sugar-free, green tea, herbal tea, salted lemon soda, chaas and coconut water, which other drink is can be consumed? What else can can be bought off-the-shelf that you can use?

image Shunya Fizz: low calorie drinks

Zero calorie and zero sugar, Shunya Fizz comes in two flavours, cola and lime. Enhanced with Ashwagandha, Green Tea, Antioxidants & Vitamin C, Shunya Fizz is not like your regular cola. And neither does it taste like one. It is a health drink that gives you fizz and cool on a hot afternoon. It can go well with alcohol too. I liked the lime flavour better. Shunya has no preservatives and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. It costs Rs. 60 for a 300 ml can. To buy click here.

Shunya also has an orange flavoured non fizzy, zero sugar, zero calorie drink called Shunya Go Zesty Orange. It contains 4 super herbs – ASHWAGANDHA for a boost of energy that also keeps you stress-free, BRAHMI – a tonic for the brain, KHUS to help regulate body temperature and KOKUM that adds anti-ageing properties to the mix. You can order it here.

Zoh Kombucha: low calorie drinks

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is low in sugar, low in calorie but high in taste. Salonii Hamirwasia, owner of Zoh Probiotics and a scientist who has a degree in sports nutrition created this drink to cater to the new niche of health drinks in the market. Zoh is very fizzy, fruity and flavourful. It comes in five flavours including Kashmiri Kahwa, Jasmine, Berry Blast, Peach and Lavender.

This probiotic drink is good for your gut and is around 60 calories per bottle. It costs Rs. 200 for a 330 ml bottle. This Goregaon based factory let’s Mumbai residents order directly from them. You can order 12 or 24 bottles and save on the product and delivery cost. To order from Amazon, you can click here. They also have a bottle return policy. You get one bottle of Kombucha free when you return 10 empty bottles.

Auric Ayurvedic: low calorie drinks

If you are looking for detox juices, then go for Auric Ayurvedic drink. It is rich in antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, gluten-free, ketogenic-friendly, vegan, preservative-free, chemical-free, made with natural ingredients, suitable for Diabetics. It has around 7.5 gms sugar and 35 calories in a 250 ml bottle approximately. Made with herbs, fruit juices and coconut water, it is refreshing when served cold. It helps to detox, restore and vitalise your Mind, Body & Skin. The product owner claims that 30 days of regular consumption can show visible results. That’s an added benefit. But more importantly, it’s a guilt free indulgence when you are trying to forget caffeine heavy, sugar laden drinks. To buy it click here. A pack of 6 bottles cost Rs 390.

Jade Forest Tonic Water & Ginger Ale

Free from any artificial sweeteners and any unnatural colours, Jade Forest tonic water and original ginger are India’s first low calorie tonic water and ginger ale. Both drinks have only 4.8gms of sugar per 100ml. Make low carb alcoholic drink with tonic water and ginger ale along with Gin or Vodka. A dash of lime with some crushed mint or basil leaves will make it taste even better. Next time, don’t just shy away from alcohol. Create low sugar drinks using Jade Forest ginger ale and tonic water, which will be better than wine. To order this, click here. A pack of 6 bottles will cost Rs 510.

Bengal Bay high carbonated soda water

Bengal Bay high carbonated soda water can be used to make various drinks. Sometimes all you need is a high carbonated water to satisfy your cola craving. You can drink chilled soda water to quench your thirst or beat the heat. It is way better than sugary drinks. It can be used along with stevia powder to create sweet drinks as well. Zero calorie and no sugar, makes it a winner. To buy this, click here. A pack of 6 bottle will cost Rs 450. Apart from the soda, they also manufacture low calorie Indian Tonic and Spiced Orange and Basil tonic with less than 35 calorie per serving.

Bombucha Kombucha: low calorie drinks

Bombucha is another Kombucha brand that delivers fermented low calorie drinks across Mumbai. Bombucha not only serves Kombucha but fermented low sugar drinks made from cold pressed juices and spice extracts. I totally love their Mango-Turmeric drink which is good for gut, an immunity booster, anti inflammatory and tastes excellent. The 500 ml bottle costs Rs 240. It has around 20 gms of sugar, 100 calories per bottle. There are other flavours which have less sugar content and calories.

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