Weight loss heroes show how to lose up to 20 Kgs

I wish all the readers a very Happy New Year. This is the first post of 2015 and it had to be special. So I decided why not write about a New Year resolution which is often broken. Yes, you get me right. It is about losing weight and getting fit. I am not blaming you as I am one of the offenders. I keep on breaking this resolution every year. And I know, there are many like me who are struggling to lose weight and get fit in 2015.

What we need is inspiration and encouragement to achieve our weight-loss goals. And to inspire you all Mumbaigloss decided to publish weight loss success stories. We decided to speak to a few individuals who religiously stuck to their resolution and lost more than 10 kgs gradually but permanently. They are no celebrities or fitness gurus, but people like you and me who successfully lost the unwanted weight and reached new levels of fitness. Here are the inspiring stories of our Weight-loss heroes.


1. Paromita Banerjee, 40+, regional movie producer, Mumbai

Paromita Banerjee, weight loss,

Heaviest weight: 78 kg

Kgs lost: 14 kg

Turning point: Health issues were my primary reason to lose weight as I had started developing some knee issues. In the process, people said I looked much fitter and better.

Time taken: 2 years

What worked for her: I used to be 78 kg in 2010. I decided to lose some of it and started going to the gym from mid – 2010. Along with gym sessions, I also started reducing carbohydrates in my diet. Gym was a mix of cardio and weights. I lost weight gradually but steadily and went down to 64 kg by mid – 2013. I think what worked is a combination of sustained and regular excercise with healthy diet. It was not a miracle but my discipline that yielded results.

Kudos Paromita! Your story is certainly inspiring to many women who think that women with children and a career cannot take care of their bodies.


2. Rohit Bakshi, 35+, Partner at Wakkao Entertainment, Gurgaon

rohit Bakshi,  Wakkao, weight loss

Heaviest weight: 97 kgs

Kgs lost: 15 kgs

Turning point: New Year Resolution taken on 31st December 2010. I promised myself that I will lose weight and rather than announcing I resolved that I will let my hard work speak for me and set my birthday in June as the deadline. I joined gym in January 2011.

Time taken: 5 months

What worked for him:  Self-belief that I can do it! When I started, I could hardly do 3 push-ups, and barely could manage 15 minutes of brisk walk on the treadmill. Skipping was a challenge as I couldn’t find the rhythm. My gym trainer encouraged me to do better without asking any special rates. Within a month, I could do 25 min cardio (alternating between cross-trainer, cycling and treadmill), 200 skips, and a small circuit training 4-5 days a week.

I cut down smoking completely, reduced junk food to a great extent and started eating very early in the evening. Over the weekends, I started taking my hard drinks with plain water/coconut water instead of carbonated drinks and packed juices.

After June 2011, when my gym membership finished, I continued my fitness regime with regular 4kms run and some basic exercises with dumbbells. On certain days, I do 1500 skips with various sets of cardio and moderate exercises. I have found new love with running and cycling in the natural surroundings. It gives me much more satisfaction and doesn’t let the boredom set in.

Thank you Rohit for sharing your inspiring weight-loss journey with us. I am sure many will take up fitness seriously in the New Year after reading your story.


3. Bishweshwar Ghosh, 30+, advocate, businessman, Burdwan

Bishweshwar Ghosh,  weight loss

Heaviest weight: 104 kgs

Kgs lost: 23 kgs

Turning point: Due to obesity, I used to feel unenergetic and unfit. One day I experienced knee pain which made me realize that my excess body weight was causing harm to my joints and I should do something to bring it under control. I need to be fit from fat.

Time taken: 10 months

What worked for him: I started in February with 2 kms walk every day. Gradually, increased to 4 kms jog in the morning and 6 kms walk in the evening. So in nine and half months, I managed to come down to 81 kg. I mainly try to avoid carbohydrates in my diet and I drink lots of water, around 5 litres per day.

Awesome Bishweshwar! I think your routine is pretty extreme. But it worked for you and might help many who wish to achieve similar goals.  We are glad that you have regained your fitness and now you look great.


4. Kushal Sharma, 25+, Founder, NutriTown.com

Kushal Sharma,  NutriTown.com,  weight loss

Heaviest weight: 105 Kgs

Kgs lost: 30 kgs

Turning point: Being a foodie, I was piling on weight. I am a simple Delhi guy who loves his paranthas. I love food and I cannot give it up. So I decided to even it out by cycling. I moved to Bangalore from Delhi. I came across the cycling culture of Bangalore. Influenced by my friends, I got a basic decathlon mybike on Sep 25.

Time taken: 5 months

What worked for him: Proper diet, portion control and daily cycling for 1.5 hours.  I started off with cycling for 3 Kms (baby steps are good, always!) and started setting higher goals with every day. I think the thing that motivated me to go on was that I used to set my favourite food as reward in breakfast/ lunch when I achieved my daily target. I went for a weekly cheat day provided I crossed my daily targets on all days of the week. I drank 3-4 litres of water every day. I slept at 11pm and woke up at 7 am to give my body complete rest.

What an excellent way to reduce excess weight! We hope you keep cycling your way through all the Bhaturas and Daal Makhani’s Kushal.  Pedal away to a slimmer you!


5. Bianca Pereira, 25+, Public Relations professional

Bianca Pereira,  weight loss

Heaviest weight: 68 kgs

Kgs lost: 11 kgs

Turning point: I wanted to have more energy given that my career involves a lot of travel and client interaction. I tried various diet programmes but couldn’t finish any of them. Either it wanted me to eat very little, or just liquid diet. On all these crash diets,  I lost some weight but regained it back immediately.

Time taken: 3 months

What worked for her:  Proper diet, portion control and exercise. Managing an infant, a full-time job while staying abroad didn’t make my weight-loss easy. It was very difficult to follow. But my dietitian made sure I was comfortable and kept making changes and giving me options which I could buy here. Proper diet combined with a 30 min brisk walk made weight loss possible. I maintain my portions and don’t over indulge.

More power to you Bianca! People like you prove that success comes with persistence. Once you set your mind to losing all the extra weight, you actually find ways to do it, rather than finding excuses. This weight loss success story has been provided by www.balancenutrition.in.  For diet consultation, you may contact Khyati Rupani at khyati@balancenutrition.in


6. Tejas Palkar, 30+, Corporate professional , Mumbai

Tejas Palkar,  weight loss

Highest Weight: 85 Kgs

Kgs lost: 14 kgs

Turning point: I was very depressed with my increasing weight. The weight gain was making me lethargic and I was not able to keep up with the work at office. I also started developing a lot of acidity and heart burn. That is when I decided to work on myself.

Time Taken: 4 months

What worked for him: I was a foodie so I was against any diet programme. I started working out in a gym.  In a month, I had lost only 2 Kgs in spite of rigorous workout. I was very irritated and depressed. I sought help from a dietitian and she planned meals for me keeping in mind my travel and corporate lifestyle. It became very easy for me to follow a structured plan and to my surprise, the scale started moving and I lost weight.

Good going Tejas! We are glad you finally lost all the excess weight. This weight loss success story has been provided by www.balancenutrition.in.  For diet consultation, you may contact Khyati Rupani at khyati@balancenutrition.in


7. Alka Sayal, 30+, Human Resources professional, Mumbai

Alka Sayal,  weight loss

Highest weight: 73 kgs

Kgs lost: 14 kgs

Turning point: After a few months of delivery my weight was 73 kgs. I hated my post pregnancy body. I was not able to lose my pregnancy weight gain and I was extremely depressed. I avoided photos as I didn’t like the way I looked.

Time taken: 6 months

What worked for her: I took up aerobics class and religiously followed my diet. I pay attention to portion control as advised by my dietician. This helped me lose my post-pregnancy weight.

Congratualtions Alka! You look great after your weight loss. We hope you won’t shy away from being clicked anymore. This weight loss success story has been provided by www.balancenutrition.in.  For diet consultation, you may contact Khyati Rupani at khyati@balancenutrition.in

Yes, we mortals can experience weight loss like the Kareenas and Karishmas with proper diet, portion control, regular exercise and a resolve which cannot be broken. All you need to do is take the first step and then stick to your path towards fitness. Hope you all have a fit and healthy 2015! What do you think about these weight loss stories? Do leave a comment below.

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