Weekend getaway from Mumbai with kids – Hilton Shilim

Hilton Shilim review

Monsoons make Maharashtra beautiful. It covers it in a lush green sheet. The greenery, the waterfalls, the dreamy fog give the western ghats a mystical touch. And that is when we crave to go for weekend treks or outings to… Continue reading

The Dukes Retreat Lonavala is scenic and vintage

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out that reservation was available at The Dukes Retreat Lonavala. We had tried several times in the past but found this resort fully booked on all occasions. May be it was a… Continue reading

Della Resorts Lonavala shocking experience as children and senior citizens held hostage for more than an hour

Jimmy Mistry has spent a fortune in identifying a beautiful location in the Lonavala hills, designing the resort as a luxury destination and creating an adventure park experience. But unfortunately, he hasn’t invested in hiring the right people. A few… Continue reading