5 best free apps to control anxiety and stress (with amazing visuals)

Polygon colouring app

Have you been searching for best free apps to control anxiety and stress? Sometimes stress can be overwhelming. And when your mind is plagued by anxiety, it becomes difficult to relax and perform a given task. This is where certain apps might be helpful that can help you to calm your mind and align your … Read more

Best Career options after ramp modeling in 2021

career options after ramp modeling

Are you wondering which career options after ramp modeling exists for models in India? Read on. Modeling is a coveted career option for many. It promises glamour and money. Ramp modeling is one of the sought after career option for youngsters as they feel besotted by the beauty and fashion industry. Many popular actresses like … Read more

Holiday Street Calangute, best place to stay in north Goa in 2021

Holiday street calangute goa

Are you looking for best place to stay in North Goa? If yes, then choose Holiday Street Calangute that will be your ideal holiday destination? North Goa is full of beautiful properties right at the beach. I prefer to stay at the properties in and around Calangute, especially on the Holiday Street. If you are … Read more

Holiday Inn Goa with the kids was awesome fun in the monsoons

Holiday Inn Goa review

Are you planning a south Goa trip? Are you planning to stay in Holiday Inn Goa with Kids? Goa is enchanting, rich in natural beauty and lots of local charm. When I was younger, Goa meant party, booze, fun, getting high. But with the kids, I have explored a very different side of Goa and … Read more

Mobor Beach with Kids, fun, peace, crabs and starfish

best south goa beach, mobor beach goa, starfish goa

Are you traveling to Mobor Beach with Kids? Goa is not just a party destination. It is full of natural beauty and has some of the best of beaches in the world. I recount my stay at Mobor beach a couple of years back and I can safely say that it was the most peaceful … Read more

Solo trip from Mumbai to Mysuru over the weekend, the city of palaces and perfumes

solo trip from mumbai to mysuru

Are you a woman and planning to do a solo trip from Mumbai to Mysuru, the city of palaces and perfumes? Then read on. I travelled to Mysore from Mumbai as a solo woman traveller for the first time in December 2016. I have always travelled with friends and family but never alone. When I … Read more

Stay at Lalitha Mahal Palace, a 100 year old Hotel in Mysuru

stay at Lalitha Mahal Palace

Are you planning to stay at Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysuru? It celebrated it’s centenary in 2021. About the Lalitha Mahal Palace in Mysuru The Palace was commissioned by the then Maharaja, Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, to treat his guests. The architecture was inspired by the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. In 1974, the palace was … Read more

How to apply for Lakme Fashion Week as a model in 2021

Lakme Fashion Week as a model, how to apply for Lakme Fashion Week as a model

Are you planning to apply for Lakme Fashion Week as a model? Do you want to know how to participate in Lakme Fashion Week as a model? Then read on. This year, Lakme Fashion Week, India’s most established fashion week was jointly conducted by Lakme, FDCI (Fashion Design Council Of India) and Rise Worldwide (formerly … Read more

Tvisha Banerjee walked Lakme Fashion Week through Hamleys Ramp Camp in 2019

Do you want to know about the Hamleys Ramp Camp selection process? Kids fashion week is popular among many parents but do you know what it takes to be there? Then read on. My 7 year old daughter participated in the Hamleys Ramp Camp last year and walked Lakme Fashion Week as a child model. … Read more

Awesome old Bombay video showing history of Mumbai

This old Bombay video depicts the massive changes the city of Mumbai has witnessed over 100 years. I came across a rare footage of Mumbai city that belongs to the 1920’s. It is a group of shots put together as an 8 minute long movie produced and narrated by James A Fitzpatrick. It is a … Read more