Maternity fashion: look pregnant and not matronly

A fun post which includes my day-today looks with non-maternity clothes. This time I evaded maternity clothes completely and the results were better than my previous pregnancy.

In all these images, I look pregnant. Before you guys ask, let me break it to you. Yes, I am pregnant. And that needs every day adjustments in many areas including how I dress. I am in my comfortable late 30’s and trust me fashion is the last thing on my mind when it comes to pregnancy. All, I want to look is happy and stylish. So, with my current stock of clothes, I did manage to create looks which were practical as well as looked good on my frame. And these looks are from my recent Euro trip and the so called winters in Mumbai. Thankfully, Mumbai winters allow dusters and cover ups on certain days.

Maternity wear, India

Apart from anarkali and tights, there are several other clothes from your regular-wear that you can easily continue wearing right up to your 9th month, without opting for the maternity wear like maxi dresses, skirts below the belly with oversized tees and denim shirts as a cover up. You can get as creative as you want with your current wardrobe. Moreover, the kind of maternity wear available in India makes me cringe at the every sight. I think the only piece of clothing that is required from the maternity wear (that I would recommend) during pregnancy is maternity denim pants with a big belly band. Anyway, this is just my opinion and in no way am I endorsing non-maternity clothes over maternity clothes. What is important is that one should be comfortable wearing what they want to wear. 

maternity wear in India

I wore my winter coat from the regular wear, without any hiccups. I buttoned only the top buttons and left the jacket unbuttoned below my bust area. I used layers of clothes on my belly area to create a warm cover. Thermal, long t-shirts, sweat shirt, bella band and thin layers of clothing were used to create a warm cover which protected my belly area from cold.

I usually wore platform shoes or flat knee length boots to give my growing body some balance. But when it came to a lot of walking, I opted for my walking shoes. Bright walking shoes look great with a sporty look. Tights, sweat shirts or long t-shirts with a duster/jacket can easily become your comfort wear.

Winter maternity fashion

When it came to partying in style, I didn’t compromise on the chic appeal. I wore my regular party body hugging dress in green colour. Solid colours make you look elegant. I tried to keep the accessories to the minimum. My belly was showing a lot but then I balanced it with a stole. Moreover, why get conscious about the belly. After all, I am pregnant and not suffering from any disease.

Maternity formal wear

Back in Mumbai, I used my oversized denim shirt over a white spaghetti t-shirt, along with a denim skirt and black platform boots to create a cool yet comfortable look. I only buttoned the lower buttons on my shirt to fold it inside the spaghetti strap t-shirt. It gave my belly enough room and also created an illusion that I had tucked my shirt inside the skirt. I completed the look by carrying a bright clutch bag.

Denim skirt, maternity wear

I also tried to create another party look in all black. I used an all-black tights which had a tiny panel of bright pink on the sides, a black tank top which was comfortably long, and a black duster. To balance that I used a clutch and block heel shoes in zebra print. It was a contrast to the plain black look. This was the easiest and the most comfortable party look till date. I accessorised less as I already had a lot of shimmer on my top.

Party wear, maternity wear

Last but not the least, I wore a turtle neck, midi dress in black and white stripes along with a black duster and carried a big yellow bag to add a colour element to my look. The shoes were comfortable pumps with kitten heels. This was comfortably showing my bump and looked super stylish.

maternity wear, India

What do you guys think about my maternity looks? Do you have any other suggestions?

(Starred images clicked by Protibha Chakravorty)

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