Best option to call from Mauritius to India

My recent trip to Mauritius had me thinking, what was the best option to call from mauritius to india; which are the best ways to contact family members when travelling abroad. And I came to the conclusion that it’s through Skype or Whatsapp wherever there is free Wi-Fi available or the next best thing is to get a local sim. Activating an international roaming is the worst and expensive option and it should be the last resort if the visiting country doesn’t support the other options.

For Mauritius, we bought a pre-activated Emtel sim for Rs 500 (Indian rupee) from a kiosk at the international airport, near the duty free shops. I think this was the best option to call from Mauritius to India. The kiosk also had sim for other countries, like Unicel, Etislat, DU, etc.


We spoke for 2-3 minutes with our family in India every day and also made local calls in Mauritius. It lasted us a whole 7 days. If you want more talk time, you can top it up once you reach any of the Emtel counters in Mauritius. The cost of local calls and calls to India were same. It was Rs 4 (Indian Rupee) for outgoing calls only (incoming was free) as against Rs 45 -70 as quoted by my home service provider for incoming and outgoing calls. Emtel was cheaper than Matrix card and many told us that Matrix doesn’t have a good connectivity and service in Mauritius.

Most of the public places had free Wi-Fi so we could easily update family members about ourselves through Whatsapp.

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